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Westminster Interfaith Newsletter

INSIDE ISSUE 67 – July 2010 :

Summary Page

2nd National Inter Faith Week
20–26 November 2010

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Pilgrimage 2010

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There are still some copies of the booklet at £3.00 including postage.
Apply to Jon at the office address in the left-hand column on this page.

Editorial – The Pilgrimage is a movement
Respect for human life–basis of respect for all beings
Pope Benedict will meet leaders of other religions in UK–Why?
A summer day filled with joy, hope and peace

New interfaith marriage support group in Birmingham

A number of people have said they'd like to come to a meeting but Southall is a bit far. We're looking at a date towards the end of the year, so if you are in or near the Midlands and might be interested in participating maybe let me know? Heather [ heather@al-yousuf.freeserve.co.uk ]

25th Annual Multi-faith Pilgrimage for Peace, 5th June 2010
Further impressions on the pilgrimage
God's saving grace is for all Alfred Agius
Pope and Muslim leader embrace in UN buffer zone
Coming together to pray
A spiritual coalition for 2012
From Brother Daniel's Diary (12)
Former Leeds interfaith advisor dies in Pakistan
The London Peace Pagoda celebrates its Silver Jubilee
Forthcoming Events
Calendar of Religious Festivals
Jesus at the Football Match – Anthony de Mello



When preparing the printed Newsletter we sometimes have items that do not make it into print for lack of space,or maybe the subject is no longer topical by the time of the next issue. Some that we feel may nevertheless still be of interest are offered here.


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